Our licensed therapist will conduct a pre-massage interview in which the patient and therapist together will determine exactly which massage modalities will be most effective to ensure your massage is everything you need it to be. She uses DoTERRA essential oils to enhance the therapeutic effect of the treatment, especially where anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial.

PRICING is based on the time allotment, not the type of massage. Whether the massage is Swedish, deep-tissue, trigger point therapy, structural bodywork, or any other type integrated, and no matter which oils are used in the therapy.

$35 for every 30 minutes.

Whether you are looking to improve your performance and prevent injuries at your sport of choice, or whether you’re simply wanting to take a break and have your stress massaged away (or a little bit of both), Melissa can help!

Melissa Humphries…

LMT, a native of St. George, has been doing massage since the time she was little, having received reflexology when sick or stressed from her mother. She would go around giving her sister and her sister’s friends foot massages or help rub out sore muscles after one of her older sister’s many sports games.

After deciding that a mathematics degree was not for her, she went on a year and a half religious mission to Romania and Moldova. Upon returning she decided to make massage her career and graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in August of 2012.

Between the sports background while growing up and her own love of running marathons, hiking, wake boarding, and pretty much anything outdoors, she has done extra schooling and study to specialize in Sports and injury massage. She works with the athletic trainers at Dixie State University’s Athletic Department for several hours a week to provide injury-specific sports massage to their athletes, and volunteers at many marathons, triathlons and other sporting events around the St. George area. She loves working in conjunction with Dr. Poppe here at Total Health Chiropractic and Med Spa to help alleviate muscular pain of any kind, whether it be from a stiff neck and back from sitting at a computer at work all day or be it from whiplash as a result of a car accident.

Melissa offers you a CUSTOMIZED massage, based on your specific needs and goals for the treatment.